Parquet Courts announce new album ‘Human Performance’


Parquet Courts have announced details of a new album, titled ‘Human Performance. The follow-up to 2014’s ‘Content Nausea’ is set to arrive on April 8th through Rough Trade.

Watch the Johann Rashid directed video for lead single ‘Dust’ below ‘Human Performance’s’ track-listing: 

  1. ‘Dust’
  2. ‘Human Performance’
  3. ‘Outside’
  4. ‘I Was Just Here’
  5. ‘Paraphrased’
  6. ‘Captive Of The Sun’
  7. ‘Steady On My Mind’
  8. ‘On Man, No City’
  9. ‘Berlin Got Blurry’
  10. ‘Keep It Even’
  11. ‘Two Dead Cops’
  12. ‘Pathos Prairie’
  13. ‘It’s Gonna Happen’