NEW: Queen of Jeans – ‘Rollerdyke’

Bringing a-bit of the 60’s back into the limelight, Philadelphia rockers Queen of Jeans have reached us courtesy of their latest single ‘Rollerdyke,’ the second track to be previewed from the trio’s forthcoming self-titled EP takes you on a psych-indebted journey.

While their debut single ‘Dance (Get Off Your Ass),’ arrived with a flutter of hooks and vocal-harmonies, ’Rollerdyke’ sits on the other side of the spectrum – with a distinctively lo-fi aesthetic, and plenty of feedback and reverb, ’Rollerdyke’ shows a different side to their sound.

‘Queen of Jeans ‘ EP is out on January 22nd via Third Uncle Records and Super Fan 99 (UK) available on both vinyl & cassette.

Hear ‘Rollerdyke’ below: