Introducing: Nai Harvest


Who said emo is dead? Sheffield punks Ben Thompson and Lew Currie AKA Nai Harvest don’t worry about trends. They make unbashful punk or “Emo Revival” as the movements being labelled.

Their debut full length ‘Whatever’ sneaked under the radar when it was released last year, but there is a growing buzz around their upcoming 7” ‘Hold Open My Head’. Due out in March, the guys previewed the EP’s title track late last year and more recently streamed its second track ‘Rush’.

‘Rush’ takes the mind back to those 90’s American Emo bands with airy vocals that breeze through the sub four-minute number, set against a lo-fi vibe of distortion n reverb. While ‘Hold Open My Head’ is primmer, like a smarter sibling as it evokes a more melodic ‘indie’ tone with lighter verses and subdued riffs.

2014 is set to be a big year for the band as they recently signed a record deal in the US, where their brand of American 90’s sounding Rock is sure to be received well

Nai Harvest are due to release their upcoming 7” EP ‘Hold Open My Head’ on March 3 via Topshelf Records (US) and Dog Knights Productions (UK). For more info on the band head over to their Facebook page.