Introducing: X Priest X


X Priest X are one of those bands that manage to capture the attention of blogosphere (yeah I’ve been sucked in toooo) on the back of little in the way of musical-content. Formed earlier in 2013 and out of Orlando, Florida, X Priest X sound kinda like an American, Chvrches, they are made up of vocalist Madeline Priest and producers Dave Kazyk & Chandler Strang. They have just the one-track ‘Samurai’ out in the public domain at the moment (Though they are currently piecing together a debut EP)

X Priest X’s first offering ‘Samurai’ gives the feeling they’ve taken inspiration tilting back into the 80′s but added a modern twist. It’s essentially gentle Lo-Fi Indie-pop that combines dark(ish) melancholy lyrics with soothing synth-beats and some gentle hand-claps that manages to keep an upbeat vibe.

For more info on X Priest X head over to their Facebook page