INTRODUCING: Radiator Hospital


Radiator Hospital is a one-man army and the song-writing project of Sam Cook-Parrott who’s based out of Philadelphia-via-Michigan. Sometimes when finding new music, it is the artist that grasps me as-much as the music and in this instant it’s both.

Sam by all accounts lives by the DIY ethic and everything you listen to has been home-recorded in the house he shares with a bunch of other artists. His music can be described as bright, energetic and passionate as shown in the frantic “Our Song” which is just over 2-minutes of pop-punk with him going over a list of love-induced anxiety’s (sounds familiar) that stops him barely letting in a breath between lyrics..

Radiator Hospital have spent time on the road with one of my favourite emerging artists of the year so far in Waxahatchee (more info on Waxahatchee in my review here)

Radiator Hospitals debut LP ‘Something Wild’ is available to pre-order here.