Introducing: Spectrals


Soulful, honest, melodic and quintessentially British is probably the best description of Spectrals, the man behind them is Leeds-born songwriter Louis Jones, who originally started out as a one-man army back in 2009, playing everything himself before recruiting his brother Will on drums, along the way they were signed by Wichita Records here in the UK.

Spectrals release their second LP ‘Sob Story’ today (June 3rd) you can listen to 3-tracks from the album below.

The tracks ‘Milky Way’ ‘Sob Story’ and ‘A Heart Behind’ show Louis to have had a wide-range of influences on the album, from Edwyn Collins to the Rolling Stones. You have the dark, murky ‘Sob Story’ to the upbeat jingly-indie anthem that is ‘A Heart Behind’ all of which show the well rounded nature of his song writing ability.

Spectrals play Hackney’s Visions Festival on August 8th. Get your tickets here.