Introducing: PEDICO


Attention all NYC Punk enthusiasts (following on from Parquet Courts punk-revival)… I have something that should be right down your alleyway in PEDICO, who are three guys based in New York (obvs) and their creative writing as them visiting everything they stumble across in their urban lives, from the strains of local transvestites to the pains of cheap beer.

I listen to a lot of different music-daily, but nothing makes me more enthusiastic than writing about bands with the DIY ethic and particularly Punk-led bands with that ethos, along with my recent favourites Parquet Courts, PEDICO are full of it (n they don’t take themselves too seriously). They take strong influence from NYC bands of old and that means it’s hard not to make a comparison with the likes of Ramones, New York Dolls etc.

With songs like “You Can’t Get AIDS If You Never Get Tested,” and “My Girlfriends Black” (And There’s Gonna Be Trouble) I’d swerve clear if you are easily offended… But if you claim to be a PUNK band, and you’re not pissing anybody off… you aint a punk band… So enjoy!