NEW: Smith Westerns – 3AM Spiritual


I have been trying to find something for the end of this long bank-holiday weekend, that won’t melt my brain any further and I came across Smith Westerns beautiful new track 3AM Spiritual. If you are new to Smith Westerns, they are three talented teenagers hailing from the suburbs of Chicago and previously released their breakthrough debut album Dye it Blonde in 2011.

New track 3AM Spiritual will be the opener on their forthcoming LP Soft Will (released June 25) The opening lyrics of “It’s easier to think you’re dumb, like you were.” set the tone for the songs own little rom-com.

3AM Spirituals smooth melodic guitar riff, the Harrison esc-solo and the harmonic cries of “ooh-ooh-yeah” makes their sound land somewhere between The Beatles and Bowie.

Smith Westerns release Soft Will on June 25th via Mom+Pop records.