Track of the Day #10: The Drowners – Long Hair


New York based The Drowners are named after a Suede’s debut single, fronted by Welch born ex-male model, Matt Hill. The 3 tracks I have listened to-by them come in at less than six minutes (in total) but are fun, fast paced Punk-Pop tracks.

When I first heard the intro to ‘Long Hair,’ I thought, I’d put The Buzzcocks on by mistake, then when Mat Hill, comes in on Vocals, I thought Morrissey had appeared, but then after about 30 seconds the track settles down as they launch into “All the girls have long hair”.

The Drowners recently signed to Birthday Records, the label founded by ex-Kaiser Chiefs drummer Nick Hodgson, their first release ‘Between Us Girls EP’ is released by Birthday on 4th February.