The Cribs announce Huge open air Leeds ‘mini festival’

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The Cribs have announced they will return to Leeds this summer for a huge open air show in the city center’s Millennium Square.

The “mini festival” will take place on July 22nd and is set to feature performances from – Menace Beach, Pulled Apart By Horses and Thurston Moore before the Jarman Brothers complete the one day spectacle with “the Cribs show to end all Cribs shows!”.

Tickets are due to go on sale later this weel.


THE CRIBS – LEEDS MILLENNIUM SQUARE, FRIDAY JULY 22ND Over the last couple of years, whenever someone asked us when we would be playing in Leeds again, we always said that we were saving something special for our hometown show – after the Cribsmas shows of 2007 and 2013 we got to the point where we didn't feel like we could just show up and play a regular show.We felt an obligation and expectation to come back and try to top those gigs. The idea that we kept coming back to, was to curate and stage our own mini-festival, with bands and artists that we love, and put it in the centre of Leeds in the open air. Just like the original Cribsmas, we wanted this to be the kind of show that people feel is worth traveling for – where Cribs fans old and new can stage meet-ups and reunions and all converge in the same place. That was a big part of the magic of those original gigs, so that intangible feeling is something that we have been looking to capture again ever since . We are happy to announce that this event will be taking place at Leeds Millennium Square, on Friday July 22nd 2016! The 4-band line-up is something that we are really excited about. To have one of our heroes, noise rock legend/pioneer/total bad-ass Thurston Moore playing in Leeds is a huge deal to us. Sonic Youth are one of the most important bands in the world to us, so this is a massive honor and pretty fucking surreal. Pulled Apart by Horses are Leeds finest grunge riff-monsters, and became our best buddies when they joined us on our 'For All My Sisters' tour in 2015. They absolutely slayed it night after night and are gonna sound massive echoing around Millennium Square. Likewise MENACE BEACH These guys toured with us at the beginning of last year, and will be the perfect way to open things up on an early summers evening. So there you have it- this is what everything has been building towards. The Cribs show to end all Cribs shows. This is gonna be our Live Aid/Wembley 86/Reading 92/Spike Island/Knebworth (delete as applicable). It's been 3 years in the making, and finally everything has come together. A summer's night out under the stars in our favourite town, with our favourite artists, and hopefully all of our favourite people (you guys, of course). Come and feel the love. This is gonna RULE.Cribs x

Posted by The Cribs on Monday, March 21, 2016