Album Review: Love Buzzard – ‘Antifistamines’


Duos are a thing that regularly crop up in music and are more often than not the most compared collective. From The White Stripes to Simon & Garfunkel, duos always have and always will be thrust into this unnecessary competitive spotlight because it’s a natural reaction to the ability of two people to feel comfortable enough to make noise together and not add anyone else into the mix.

The reason this is relevant is because there’s a new duo who are stirring the proverbial pot so to speak – London based Love Buzzard. Although it would be easy to make the comparison between them and the previously mentioned White Stripes (there is certainly the Blues tinged Garage element to what they create), to place them in this little metaphorical box would to do them, and it, a a grave injustice.

Having previously released their first single in 2013, this full length has been a long time coming, three years to be exact. What they’ve been doing over these three years has been honing and perfecting chaos. The moment you hit play on this record there’s an instant, unrelenting cacophonous sound that brings out the most primal in you. The opening attack of Cash immediately grabs you with it’s powerful chord parry and thundering drums, which cut the bullshit and get straight to business. It’s when the screeching riff cuts through that you’re more than captured, you’re assaulted and you’ve never been more glad of it.

Three of the tracks were released on last years ‘Love Buzzard EP’, which was clearly now just a taster for the larger ensemble. Passions, Give It Some Range and Heavens Got An Electric Fence suitably represent the range of which Love Buzzard can reach, with Heaven…’ being one of the slowest numbers (‘slow’ at this point isn’t real time slow – but for these guy’s it may as well be a waltz).

At times the riffs can be hypersonic, not Dragonforce levels, that’s just unnecessary, but fast enough that you don’t actually register hearing them until you suddenly realise it’s changed into an entirely new track.

Throughout the album there’s a constant barrage of blues-tinged, sleazy raucousness that refuses to let up. This might all sound like a negative, but far from it. In fact, this is some of the most refreshing yet abusive music to come out in recent years. This isn’t music to fall in love to, this isn’t music to cry to, this is music to lose your shit to and scare your neighbours with. Finally.

Inevitably, as their career progresses Love Buzzard will be compared to likewise duos, but just keep one thing in mind; they are no facsimiles or imposters, they are whatever the fuck they want to be. And it suits them perfectly. 

**** 4/5

Steven Loftin

Steven Loftin

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Steven Loftin