Anna Meredith previews her debut LP with new cut ‘Taken’


Scottish singer-songwriter/producer Anna Meredith has previewed her forthcoming debut album ‘Varmints’ with latest cut ‘Taken’.

The classically-trained musician is a former composer in residence at the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. In recent times Meredith has diversified, and on first listen to ‘Taken’ it looks like she’ll be as equally successful in the fickle world that is “Pop”. Described as “the closet I’ve ever got to nailing one (a pop-song),” Meredith can be rest assured that with it’s melodic sound-bytes and charming harmonies – ‘Taken’ certainly is a bonified pop-song.

Take a listen below:

‘Varmints’ will be released on March 4th 2016 via Moshi Moshi.