In Pictures: Swim Deep @ The Roundhouse 22.10.15

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Last night saw Swim Deep hit the capital, capping off their headline UK tour with a triumphant headline show at The Roundhouse. The Birmingham quintet’s power-packed hour-long set lent heavily towards their recently released ‘Mothers’ LP’, but there was still time for nostalgia – with one of the biggest cheers of the night coming before the opening melodies of their 2013 single ‘She Changes The Weather’.

Check out our shots from the show below:

Swim Deep Played:

  1. Namaste
  2. Francisco
  3. Grand Affection
  4. One Great Song And I Could Change The World
  5. Is There Anybody Out There
  6. Imagination
  7. Forever Spacemen
  8. Honey
  9. King City
  10. Fueiho Boogie
  11. Laniakea
  12. She Changes the Weather
  13. To My Brother