Clean Cut Kid unveil new track ‘Jean’

Clean Cut Kid - Bestival 2015

Clean Cut Kid – Bestival 2015

Clean Cut Kid have unveiled their latest track ‘Jean’.

‘Jean’ makes up the b-side to the Liverpudlians latest single ‘Runaway’ – the follow-up to their brilliant double a-side debut ‘Vitamin C’ / ‘Twenty Years From Now’.

Discussing ‘Jean’, frontman Mike says; “Jean was my nan: a gigantic character with the sharpest wit and one of those boss, bone-dry scouse dispositions. When she died a few years ago, the whole family lost its North Star: none more than my Grandad Jimmy. All of a sudden he seemed 2 feet shorter, and that famous sparkle in his eye was gone. Jean (the song) is me trying to put into words what I could see he was feeling. Even if nobody outside my family gets it, just the fact that someone somewhere might be singing her name long after she’s gone will be enough.”

Watch ‘Jean’ below: