Album Review: The Dead Weather – ‘Dodge & Burn’


Wether you’re a fan of their music or not, you cannot deny that The Dead Weather are one of the coolest bands around.

From the mystical origins on ‘Horehound’ to the more righteous ‘Sea of Cowards’, on this third outing we find the band at their most ballsy, developing the riff-tastic components that were found on the latter, there isn’t a moment of this record that lets up.

Opening with leading single ‘I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)’, the band take no prisoners. Using riff repetition to really drive the track until it breaks down into Alison Mossharts cat-like wail of “Why does my heartbeat feel like a speaker, feeding back, repeater, repeater”. Where it then crescendoes back into the chorus and drops you down when it ends, only to hit you again with the next track.

The band haven’t forgotten the sound that made them all menacing to begin with. Utilising the custom made snare drum to create an almost steel drum like effect, and incorporating organ-style keys to paint a wholly sinister sonic soundscape, the prowling ‘Lose The Right’ is the perfect example of this.

Tip toeing the line between lyrical genius and lyrical madness, the subject matter is non-consistent in the most consistent way. The track ‘Three Dollar Hat’, kicks back to the story-telling narrative stylings of The Raconteurs ‘Consolers of The Lonely Era’, whilst entwining it with The Dead Weathers characteristics.

We’ve been drip-fed teasers and snippets of the album through various limits 7-inches that have been included as part of White’s Third Man Records Vault package. Songs ‘Buzzkiller’ and ‘Open Up (That’s Enough)’ have provided more than enough of an introduction as to what we were to expect from this outing, and it’s definitely lived up to that almost-hype.

The band have created a genre of their own. This isn’t a rock album, nor a blues/garage album. This is something dark and mysterious that will have a hold on the musical world for a long time coming. You never know when they will pop-up or when they will disappear, for example they have no plans to tour this record. The closest you will get to experiencing this will be sporadic performances, such as Stephen Colbert on The Late Show and various in-house Third Man Records performances.

There are generally no expectations from this band or album, minus the aforementioned single releases. No one truly knows what to expect from them, and this is their greatest asset. When these four creative minds come together it melds into a storm of such ferocity that you can’t be disappointed. These are the same four minds that independently gave us The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Kills and Queens of The Stone Age.

With that make the most of it, you never know when it will be their last.

Steven Loftin

Steven Loftin

A music nerd who collects, produces, listens and writes.
Steven Loftin