Slaves Guerilla Gig x Original Penguin


Kent duo Slaves have quickly proved themselves as one of 2015’s hottest talents, coming out of nowhere to take the charts and live scene by storm, infecting the mainstream with their visceral, gamechanging modern punk. Needless to say, they are one of Britain’s most original acts at the moment.

Ahead of a nationwide headline tour taking place later this year, Original Penguin took Slaves straight to the people for a guerrilla gig in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens. Announced just hours before, the duo drew a gargantuan crowd in the city centre, reinventing their definitive sound for a one-off acoustic performance, which of course ended in debauchery and crowdsurfing.

This raucous performance of the pair’s latest single ‘Sockets’ seamlessly proves why the pair embody the #PluggedIn60 spirit, showcasing their incredible talent cut with interviews explaining why the 1950’s is so inspirationally important to them.

Pics courtesy of Mike Gray