Wolf Alice share ‘You’re a Germ’ clip

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Wolf Alicd have shared the video to their new single ‘You’re a Germ’

Directed by Chris Grieder and inspired by b-movie and early grindhouse films, the clip captures the song’s whispered menace and the band’s effervescent personalities from the off; seeing the quartet alone in a wooden cabin, planning their survival routes out of various horror clichés.

With the band adding: “We are big fans of horror movies, terrified of them no doubt, but massive fans all the same. We always buy one on the road to watch together on long drives – we have figured out who will die first in the zombie apocalypse that is undoubtedly gonna happen, Joff can do a brilliant leather face from Texas chainsaw massacre impression and it was only a matter of time before we made our own.”

Watch ‘You’re a Germ’ below: