Swim Deep share new track ‘Grand Affection’


Its not too long now until Swim Deep release their second studio album, ‘Mothers’ – and the Birmingham quintet have ramped up the anticipation that bit more with ‘Grand Affection’, the third and latest single to be previewed from the upcoming record after ‘To My Brother’ and ‘One Great Song And I Could Change The World’.

The new record is said to promise a “Change in Direction” from the band, but on first listen, their new single ‘Grand Affection’ – with its floaty synth-led hooks and Austin’s delicate/almost nonchalant vocal delivery could easily have been found on their dreamy 2013 debut, ‘Where The Heaven Are We’ – And that isnt necessarily a bad thing.

Check it out below:

Swim Deep will release their ‘Mothers’ LP on September 18th via Chess Club/RCA Records