Introducing – Pleasure House


Over recent years, Birmingham seems to have been churning out talented indie-rockers, with the likes of Peace, Superfood, Swim Deep and Jaws to name a few all being at the forefront of the city’s movement. Just when it seemed that the hype of 2013’s ‘B’Town’ had begun to quieten down, comes Pleasure House, a four piece of members hailing from both North and South Birmingham. Still relatively unknown, but surely not for long, they’ve been dropping demos on both Soundcloud and Youtube for a while now. Defining their sound as “indie dance pop” their music is well and truly that, as they claim to be “trying to make the world a better place by playing deliciously dirty indie dance pop since 2014.”

The band’s first demo featured ‘Get Up Again’ a track leaking youthfulness and sunshine, through catchy lyrics, laid back bass grooves and bouncy guitar riffs. ‘Blow My Mind’ is full of tropical guitar plucks, rhythmic drumming and an impressively strong vocal by front man Alex Heffernan. ‘Stay For A While’ is the gentlest of their tracks, once again voicing a recurring theme of love. Their debut single ‘Sunrise’, released this May, encapsulates everything they claim their sound to be. With the simplest but most infectious of choruses that hears Heffernan sing “I close my eyes and all I see is sunrise / And waking up next to you.” It’s cleanly executed, sugary sweet, with funky guitar hooks and melodic vocals. If the band gets bigger, there is no doubt that any of these tracks could become indie anthems, which surely means that they have the potential to go on and write bigger and better tracks and inevitably make a name for themselves both outside of the West Midlands and potentially the country.

Whilst they claim Peace to be one of their favourite local bands, there isn’t the slightest hint to any of these young Brummy bands having had any influence on their own sound, something that is often the case with upcoming musicians trying to find the sound that works for them. Pleasure House take a nod to escapism with dreamy harmonies and upbeat guitars, delivering their sun-drenched sound in the most delightful of ways.

In a live setting, they’re confident and equally accomplished as they are on a recording. Considering this and their euphoric sound, they are obviously a band made for the festival season.
Having sold out shows in the Midlands, supported some big names and played plenty of the country’s best small festivals they’re demonstrating that Birmingham’s new music scene is still very much alive and well. Already “pleasuring” the ears of many, the only way for this quartet is up.

Catch Pleasure House at:

  • Togfest, Milton Keynes (26/6)
  • Bands on the Beacon, Walsall (27/6)
  • Co Co Mad Fest, Birmingham (4/7)
  • Upstairs at The Garage, London (11/7)
  • JM Festival, Kidderminster (26/7)
  • The Old Brown Jug, Newcastle under-lyme (7/8)
  • Unknown Venue, Wolverhampton (21/8)
  • Roadmender, Northampton (22/8)

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