EP Review: Gosh Pith – ‘Window’


Detroit duo, Gosh Pith have been dropping delightful singles for a while now, but in the way of the ‘Window’ EP, see them bundle their talent into one.

Having honed their own genre of ‘cosmic trap’, the EP opens with ‘Waves’ the very first track that Gosh Pith unveiled to the world. Its sensual bass lines and psychedelic-esc vocals are equally as mesmerizing and relaxed as they initially were back on its first listening last year. ‘Window’ follows, the single that saw the duo change their sound from their first two singles. The track works the bass as its platform, rather than adding it for support, the deep lines showing the band’s heavier side. The floating vocals here can be noticed throughout the entire EP, inspiring their electronic-induced, dream-like state. However, the track is less electronic than the rest, as it focuses on their diversity, with a nod to the indie-guitar genre, with plucky guitars and thicker drumming.

‘Smoke Bellow’ one of the older tracks, written after a “warehouse rave” delves into the softer side of EDM. More surrealist and delicate than ‘Window’ the duo emphasizes the synths and airy vocals to connect with “sleep-deprived ravers.” It’s trance like and captivating. ‘Prints’ once again demonstrates their experimental assets as it follows more in the footsteps of ‘Window’, with smouldering guitar riffs and unearthly bass lines. It’s less dazed than the predominately electronic tracks and it’s the grittiest and closest to rock that the band have got, a route that seems to be suiting them well. Taking a nineties angle on the track, its energy and creative flair makes it the stand out track of the EP.

The EP finishes on the band’s two newest tracks, ‘Child’ and ‘Vietnam Junkie.’ At the core of ‘Child’ is a cymbal beat and reverbing guitar. Their usual melodic vocals move and add a lightness to the track despite the thick drum beats and bass lines at its heart. ‘Vietnam Junkie’ completes the six-track EP, with a brooding bass and bold guitar riffs. The only track unknown until the EP release, it seeks to sum up Gosh Pith’s ability to blend genres in a seemingly effortless way.

From electronic, to pop, to hip-hop, to indie, Gosh Pith prove once again in this collective that they aren’t afraid to experiment and push the boundaries. Their ability to take any instrument and make a new and unique sound with it in such a silky, smooth way is something that can’t be said for all DIY, unsigned artists and therefore something they can hold to themselves, as the journey through to the top of the best underground music.