Album Review: Palma Violets – ‘Danger In The Club’

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When Palma Violets flew into the public conciseness with their much hyped debut album ‘180’ back in 2013 much of their album was written in their much-loved solace in Lambeth abode 180, where they busy putting on Gorilla shows for their growing fan-base, which quickly caught the NME’s eye who were quick to compare them to The Libertines and label them as the saviors of British-Rock.

Fast-forward two years and they are now back with that all-tricky album number two, ‘Danger In The Club’.

A fast-paced album that while feeling short of standout-singles like, ‘Best of Friends’ from their debut – it does provide enough moments over its 40-minutes duration to give them a shot of standing the test of time, and not falling off the face of a cliff into Indie wilderness

‘(Hollywood) I Got it’ and the LP’s title track ‘Danger In The Club’ remind you why they were so hyped in the first place. Happy-go-lucky and full of charm – Palma Violets have probably done enough on the record to keep the indie-world on their side for now.

*** (3 out of 5)