Album Review: Superfood – ‘Don’t Say That’


Back at the beginning of 2013 when Peace and Swim Deep were doing their thing, whispers were a bound about the ’Live’ performances of a unknown B-Town band that had been supporting them. At that point in time Superfood hadn’t even a recording to fall back on, that is until their self-titled demo was given its premiere by Zane Lowe in the spring of 2013.

Fast forward 20 months or so and they’ve backed up all those early whispers & hype with the release of their debut LP ‘Don’t Say That’…  All the lo-fi fuzz and 90’s charm that was appreciably felt in their early demos is still equally as prominent on the new record.

The re-recording’s of ‘TV’ and ‘Superfood’ have given the tracks a new leash of life, while there are little quirks dotted around the LP, with the 49-second long ‘I’ and its 20-second long sister track ‘ii’ causing a little head scratching before the record moves into the boisterous (and our personal favourite) ‘Melting’.

All in all ‘Don’t Say That’ sees Superfood confirm (what we already knew) and that is they’re the ‘Real Deal’ so don’t expect them to slip back under the radar and onto the indie scrap-heap after their debut LP’s run its course, as many a band unfortunately do.

Rating: **** (4 out of 5)
Label: Infectious
Release Date: November 3rd 2014
Reviewer: Michael Jamison