Live Review: The Cribs @ The Garage (Unbleached Sessions) 11.09.14

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Putting a smile on to many people’s faces, The Cribs played a fan-chosen set, after allowing their whole back-catalogue of 96 tracks to be chosen for this special Unbleached Sessions show at The Garage in Islington, supported by post-punk competition winners Rale.

Opening up with old favourites ‘Mirror Kisses’ and ‘You Were Always The One’ nostalgia was definitely in the air, and the Jarman brothers could easily have been back in their old stomping ground, the ill-fated Leads venue Cockpit (RIP), as they flew through a hit-heavy set largely from the mid-noughties.

With little time for a rest-bite during the hour long set, apart from a brief lull during ‘Come On Be a No-One’, the evening felt like one big old-school reunion as the Islington venue was repeatedly sent into a frenzy and the front barrier at times appeared nothing more than a token gesture in keeping the baying (Yorkshire heavy) mob at bay.

Admittedly, a couple of B-sides wouldn’t have gone amiss on the set-list (though it was up to us to choose them right?) The icing was well and truly put on the cake as the band finished as The Cribs of old would do every night, with the brilliant ‘The Wrong Way to Be’.

With two successful Cribsmas’s and tonight’s special fan-chosen gig, The Cribs are definitely a band who keep on giving, and with the trio about to hit the studio to record their sixth-studio album in just ten-years next month we can (hopefully) bank on more nights like this to come.

The Cribs played:

  1. ‘Mirror Kissers’
  2. ‘You Were Always The One’
  3. ’I’m a Realist’
  4. ‘Come On Be a No-One’
  5. ‘Don’t You Wanna Be Relevant?’
  6. ‘Another Number’
  7. ‘Martell’
  8. ‘You’re Gonna Lose Us’
  9. ‘Our Bovine Public’
  10. ‘Girls Like Mystery’
  11. ‘Leather Jacket Love Song’
  12. ‘Be Safe’
  13. ‘Chi-Town’
  14. ‘Hey Scenesters!’
  15. ‘Men’s Needs’
  16. ‘The Wrong Way To Be’

By Michael Jamison