Review: The Growlers – Oslo, Hackney 16.08.14

The Growlers @ Oslo, Hackney 16.08.14

The Growlers @ Oslo, Hackney 16.08.14

The Growlers, who are enjoying a growing cult following here in the UK at the moment, threw a self-declared ‘Beach Goth’ party at a sold-out Oslo in Hackney central.

Taking the stage at an appreciably early 8.45pm, after a set from Brighton doom-rockers The Wytches; The Californian psych-outfit were on top-form from the word go, once mischievous frontman Brooks Nielson gave the lighting-technician a (jesting) earful about the venues lighting, the band worked their way through 22-song set from their impressive 3-album back catalogue.

Kicking off with ‘Pretend I’m Gay’ from their 2013 LP ‘Gilded Pleasures’ LP, Nielson was in his element, switching constantly between his two microphones, he looked like a boy who’d just found out about Christmas as he excitingly whipped the crowd up.

That jovial-excitement soon turned into chaos after Nielson dragged one female-fan up onto the stage with him, he caused a full-on stage invasion to ensue. One thing we did learn tonight was the The Growlers are not fans of having their fans take over the stage. And with that – the set was put on hold until Nielson managed to get everyone off.

With normal businesses commencing the band completed their set with a three-song encore featuring the ethereal-hooks of ‘Someday’ and showed us (again) why they are one of the best god-damn live bands around.

The Growlers played:

  1. Pretend I’m Gay
  2. Naked Kids
  3. Big Toe
  4. Hiding Under The Covers
  5. Graveyard’s Full
  6. Humdrum Blues
  7. In Between
  8. Acid Rain
  9. Nose/What
  10. Row
  11. Tell ‘Em
  12. Ol’ Rat Face
  13. Feeling
  14. HASH
  15. One Million Lovers
  16. Wet Dreams
  17. Sea Lion Goth Blues
  18. Wandering Eyes
  19. Change In Your Veins
  20. Empty Bones
  21. Someday
  22. Beach Rats

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By Michael Jamison