Album Review: The Gaslight Anthem – ‘Get Hurt’


There’s been something of a build up to The Gaslight Anthem’s fifth studio album ‘Get Hurt’. Back at the turn of the year when frontman Brian Fallon muttered the first words about this release, he warned it would be an album different to anything they’ve done in the past, and those words come to fruition no sooner than when its opener ‘Stay Vicious’ kicked in.

The New Jersey lads have in the past been accused of sounding something like a Springsteen parody, but ‘Get Hurt’ shows they’ve evolved now as a band, to a point where any mention of “The Boss” are unnecessary.

With all the talk of this ‘new’ sound and change in direction, the one thing that hasn’t changed a dime is the unique & almost soulful vocals of frontman Fallon that has rubber stamped every Gaslight Anthem track since their first demo.

The LP is full of colossus choruses and meaty hooks, very much landing in a classic-rock category but there are tender moments on the LP as well, which arrive in the form of its title-track ‘Get Hurt’ and the emotive ‘Underneath The Ground’.

In short ‘Get Hurt’ is 41 minutes worth of glorious stadium worthy rock ‘n’ roll and more than meets the expectations of a band five-records in.

******** (8/10)

Label: Virgin/EMI
Release: August 18 2014
Reviewer: Michael Jamison