Album Review: Teen – ‘The Way and Color’


New York sister act Teen have released their second studio album ‘The Way and Color’ today (April 22). The band who have been compared to fellow US compatriots Haim previously might have landed that tag prematurely though.

Things start brightly enough, opener ‘Rose For You’ sets a solid benchmark with its rolling bassline and Kristina “Teeny” Lieberson’s sporadically catchy lyrics of “Look, here’s a rose for you”. ‘More Than I Want’ shows off the three-pieces harmonic ability. While ‘Tied up Tied Down’ their best work and an example of why they’ve been compared so favourably to Haim.

But apart from a few high points a lot of the R&B tinged LP gets lost in translation. ‘Breathe Low & Deep’ could be cut well short of its sub-7-minute duration and the album on the whole feels over produced, overly long and generally a little bit of a drag.

Label – Carpark
Release Date – April 21 2014
Rating– **** (4/10)
Reviewer – Michael Jamison