Live Review: Skaters/Drowners @ Dingwalls 05.03.14

Skaters @ The Lexington

A perfect New York double header dropped into London tonight as Skaters combined with their mates Drowners to bring a-bit of ‘Manhattan’ into the Camden market venue.

For all Drowners are the support, they’ve got the songs in their armoury to headline Dingwalls in their own right, flying through the majority of their newly released debut album of witty two-minute numbers. The band were on top form, enticing stage invasions and frontman Matt Hitt’s camaraderie with the crowd was there to be seen with tracks ‘Luv Hold Me Down’, ‘A Button On Your Blouse’ and ‘Long Hair’ resulting in a lyrical volley back in Hitt’s direction.

If Drowners brought the sense of feel-good Pop to the evening, then Skaters brought the scuzzy Punk spirit to the table. Headlining their biggest UK show to date, Skaters didn’t waste time getting their already manic audience revved up further with front-man Michael Cummings declaring “You like to fuck our shit up…but we don’t care”

With an increasingly lairy audience and an equally lairy band, each track on arrives with the same sweat filled chaos. Singles ‘Deadbolt’, ‘Miss Teen Massachusetts’ and ‘Schemers’ were pulled out of the fire with no significant dramas… But with the chorus heavy ‘I Wanna Dance (But I Don’t Know How)’ coming to abrupt stop with equipment failure, the evening was beginning to take its toll and with the bands gear going caput at an alarming rate, Skaters just about managed to put the icing on the cake with an surprising encore of The Smiths ‘This Charming Man’ and Kurt Cobain’s ‘Territorial Pissings’.

If nothing else, tonight confirmed why Skaters deserve to be signed to a major.

By Michael Jamison