Album of the Week: Temples – ‘Sun Structures’


Ever since hearing the first twangs of Temples early single ‘Shelter Song’ back in late 2012, which brought praise from non-other than Noel Gallagher. I’ve wondered if Temples would be able to bring anything new to the now dated ‘psych’ genre or would they end up with an album plied with the same recurring melodies.

Their debut full length ‘Sun Structures’ has been hotly tipped for a while now, and ok, it’s unlikely to change the earth’s rotation, but it does possess passages of subtle brilliance amongst its twelve tracks.

The album’s title track ‘Sun Structures’ feels almost Beatlesesque, although any parody is just about avoided. Unlike Lennon, frontman James Bagshaw’s voice might not be as brash as his hair but on swirling hook laden tracks like ‘Mesmerise’ and album opener ‘Shelter Song’ his voice comes to the fore reverberating around them over the top of those retro-infused melodies they dream up.

The LP turns more pensive and melancholy later on with ‘Move with the Season’ as tracks are left to drift along before the second half of the LP picks up again on ‘A Question Isn’t Answered’ which reminds us why we like Temples and their experimental neo-psych nuisances, as harmonic handclaps and echo-laden vocals fill the track ala a mini ‘wall of sound’.

By all accounts this album was finished by mid-last-year before the label and band decided to hold back the release until 2013 had subsided aka the year of dream-pop. So welcome to the psych-infested 2014 and the first of many genre defining releases (we hope)

Label – Heavenly Recordings
Release Date – February 10 2014
Rating– ******* (8/10)
Reviewer – Michael Jamison