Live Review: JAWS @ Borderline 28.01.14


Tonight JAWS played a sold out show at Borderline in London’s Soho district. A distinctly youthful crowd was out in force and the scale of JAWS popularity even surprised the reviewer, as the excitable and mostly drunk audience spent large chunks of their B-towers 30 minutes set raucously moshing to their light textured dream-pop.

In many ways JAWS provide the best of B-Town & less pretentious than some of their older counterparts in the industry. The connection they have with their audience was there to be seen with ample stage incursions and plenty of casual crowd surfing. Amongst all of this they actually played some music.

The melodic and chilled out ‘Breeze’ had everybody doing the opposite as they lost-their shit, with half the room evoking in a mass sing-along to the tracks opening line “ Hold my hand, think of me, ill take you to the beeaachh”

With all the demeanor of a man who loves his day-job, front man Connor Schofield confidently lead the band through their core tracks ‘Gold’ and ‘Friends Like You’ like old-hags as the crowd continued to bruise and abuse each other. The only respite from the night’s debauchery comes from one or two new tracks taken from their newly recorded debut album.

The 30 minute set comes to an end without an appearance of their popular cover ‘Everlong’ or the customary encore. But who does encores anymore?

**** (4 out of 5)

By Michael Jamison

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