Album of the Week: Drowners – Drowners


Listening to the Drowners self-titled debut can only be described as like finding a CD from 10 years ago and thinking how did I miss that? The album sounds so early-noughties that not even the keyboardist can shift that vibe… And that’s not to disparage the album.

With all thirteen tracks weighing in at sub-three minutes each worth of witty Garage-Pop and it does make for a quick, snappy listen. The opening dual guitar-lines on ‘Ways to Phrase a Rejection’ push the album into a direction it doesn’t shift from, and there are more than a couple of tracks that sound overly familiar. Particularly, ‘Luv Hold Me Down’ which couldn’t sound more Strokes like, even if you had Casablanca’s slurring down the microphone, while Smith’s influences are never far away from the surface – particularly the Morrissey esc vocals during ‘Long Hair’.

It’s clear Drowners are happy to use their influences heavily in their work (well The Libs weren’t scared of dipping into the Clash archive we they??) and that’s going to offend some people, but let’s face it… The albums fun, sounds familiar and sometimes that’s enough!

*** (3/5)

Release date – January 27th

Label – Frenchkiss

By Michael Jamison