Drowners Stream New Track ‘A Button on Your Blouse’


It’s nearly a year to the day that we first heard Drowners early debut EP “Luv, Hold Me Down,” and after what feels like an age; they are about to release their debut LP later this month (January 28)

Based in New York, the band are fronted by welsh born singer-guitarist/model Matt Hit who left rural Wales to teach kids summer camp in Vermont, before settling in NYC. Describing what he likes about his new home, Hit, explains, ” I just like the way things look here. I like the way things are done here. I like how late everything happens,”

Happy and content in New York, Drowners were formed and their early material felt like a punked up version of Suede (the band name is taken from a Suede track) This week saw the unveiling of their latest offering ‘A Button on Your Blouse’ and that Suede influence is still nestled in there.

With hook-laden riffs and charming melodies ‘A Button on Your Blouse’ is the most polished track of theirs to date. That lo-fi DIY edge felt on tracks like ‘Long Hair’ may have dissipated, but there’s still enough rawness in their work not to feel bland… Kinda like Joe Lean but with more substance.

Drowners’ debut self-titled album is out January 28, 2014 via Frenchkiss Records and they’ll play the Electric Ballroom, London on February 17.

Drowners’ LP Tracklisting

  1. Ways to Phrase a Rejection
  2. Long Hair
  3. Luv, Hold Me DownWatch You Change
  4. You’ve Got It All Wrong
  5. Unzip Your Harrington
  6. Pure Pleasure
  7. Bar Chat
  8. A Button On Your Blouse
  9. Let Me Finish
  10. Well, People Will Talk
  11. A Shell Across The Tongue