In Interview: Babypink


Proving surf grunge is still relevant in 2014, Brummy kids Babypink played their second ever show at The Shacklewell Arms last Wednesday evening (January 8) and it was clear to see the lads were nervous, performing to a near sell-out.

With only a five song on the set list (but each sounding like a single) they kicked things off with their new track “Flowers” preceded by Soundcloud favorite “Petrichor” a song that’ll have you feeling rather dazed & confused. Before ending their short-sweet set with the charming/anthemic “Feeble.”

The four-piece only started out a year ago, but there’s already a growing buzz around them with the lead singer from Jaws singing there praises and A&R men snapping at the bit for their signature.

Before their Shacklewell Arms set I caught up with the boys for a quick chat:

LM: How did the band come about?

BP: “Kinda came about after our drummer was having a few parties and we woke up one day and didn’t really know he could play drums, then he started playing and was amazing. Then our brassiest worked in and I said pick up that bass and play and it just came together.”

LM: How does it feel to be apart of the Birmingham scene? With the success of bands like Peace and Swim Deep?

BP: “There’s loads of great bands out there at the moment and they’re all pretty different. It’s a very community based thing, everyone’s friends. You mentioned Peace and Swim Deep, they’re a bit older than us. Jaws took us on board after playing a gig with them and it’s been a chain reaction. Everyone looks out for each other.”

LM: Petichor has hints of dreamy 90s grunge, has Peace been an influence?

PB: “Not at all, think it’s all about what you listen too and get from other bands. It’s not a purposeful thing.”

LM: You’re a very new band. Can we expect an EP any time soon from Babypink?

BP: “Not sure in terms of an EP. Hopefully autumn next year. We’re just trying to record as much as we can at the moment.

LM: How’s it been so far for you guys?

PB: “It’s really good. Quite disorientating. I mean we’d never been to Dalston or Shoreditch before.  It’s nice. You’d never get the chance to come to these places if you wasn’t in a band.”

LM: Plans for 2014?

BP: “We’re just kinda taking it as it comes really. Be nice to play a festival.”

By Lauren Moore