In Interview: Darlia


Hailing from Blackpool, Darlia take you back to a time when Cobain was still in his prime and the music landscape was laced in snarly grunge. The young three-piece recently released their debut EP ‘knock knock’ which reached national acclaim and is filled with all the raw energy and teenage-angst you’d expect to find in a bunch of confused kids growing up in a coastal town. We caught up with front-man Nathan Day to learn more about the band and find out how it feels to be breaking out of the underground.

For the people who are new to you, can you give them a brief intro into your journey so far as a band?

We’re Darlia, we’re a 3 piece originally from Blackpool and now based in Manchester. I met Jack the drummer during primary school and we played music on and off. Then I met Dave the bassist while we were working as cleaners at our college. We used to have to practice acoustically in abandoned buildings and in cupboards while ‘working’. Understandably we got fired… and we’ve not stopped gigging since.

Who or what are your biggest influences? I find it hard not to feel a Nirvana esc vibe in your music (or is that a tag that’s been over used on you?)

Whatever is affecting me, whatever is getting to me – I’ll write about. I can’t help it. It’s not a hobby, its self medicating. There is no attempt or conscious decision to sound like anything. I write the songs privately and we blast them out. The Knock Knock EP is 3 of the most immediate songs. We used these first because they’re somewhat immature in comparison to the others. I never liked the idea of EPs, but nowadays it’s kind of necessary and a good form to release songs rather than just putting them online or releasing an album.

We love your debut EP Knock Knock, has the reception it received surprised you? You’ve got Zane Lowe onside and there is a growing buzz around you at the moment (well deserved)

We really appreciate the response, for such a long time we’d been playing the songs to ourselves over and over and then in our basement over and over. So it’s nice to get a response. The very first demo we recorded we kept joking we were doing a Zane Lowe live session, so the first time we heard him announce us on Radio 1 was kind of surreal.

What has been the highlight for the band in 2013?

I guess our first release, and playing so many shows because it’s been just us for so long it’s nice for people to be able to listen. On tour you get to go places you would never usually go and I’m only talking across England right now – I’ve never been abroad or on a plane and we have gigs confirmed out of the country, so it’s really exciting to be out there and playing songs.

Are you looking forward to playing your first headline London show at The Barfly early next year?

Definitely, are you coming?

Yep we’ve got it penciled it…. Lastly, as it’s getting to that time of year again… What’s the most Rock n Roll Christmas Prezzie you guys have received?

ChuckleVision 2 DVD – Ketamine, KetaYou

That sounds like a good Christmas… Thanks for your time!

By Michael Jamison