In Interview: Coastal Cities


Already, there’s a buzz around Coastal Cities and there’s no need to wonder why with the bands dreamy 80s influenced pop music and cool style. Making this band one to watch out for in 2014.

I decided to catch up Delcan (vocals/guitar) and Will (sync) at their London show. Where the lads chatted about finding themselves, being from the countryside and their love for London.

LM: How long has the band been around for?

Declan: The band started out four years ago, only really developed as a serious band about two years ago.

Will: It’s been about two years of constant progression. Where we are trying to get to our full potential as a band. We’re hitting our twenties so things are changing quite radially. It’s scary but fun, it’s exciting for us.

LM: Where’s the name, Coastal Cities come from?

Delcan: Will and or bass player Dan found it from a song name on an iPod, we were just piecing together words. And Coastal Cities kind of stuck because it is so different to what or friend’s bands are called. We wanted to write pop songs and nobody else is really doing that. Where we live is the furthest point from the sea so it had a feeling of escapism.

Will: Where we are from there is a big hardcore scene and all of our friend are in that scene and we thought we’d distance ourselves from that and so that is how Coastal Cities came around.

LM: For people who aren’t yet familiar with the band, how would you describe your music?

Will: I’d say major key Mellon Collie, we are very obsessed with creating hooks and melodies for people to sing along too.

Delcan: There’s an irony in pop songs and some of the most beautiful songs are uplifting but they make you feel really sad. I’m particularly drawn to that sort of tragic mix between the two.

We’re just a pop band; we’re not trying to be anything else other than that so whatever other people want to take out of it they can.

LM: You’ve been described as having a lot of 80s influences, would you agree with this?

Declan: I think that’s very true, I mean we didn’t set out to be that way; it just kind of happened. With my sync sounds it’s the way I wanted to pursue it. I didn’t really realize it was from the 80s because I was born in 94. It wasn’t until somebody said it; I sat back and thought we do sound like that.

Will: We never sat down and said let’s sound 80s; we loved songs from the 80s. A lot of our favorite bands orange juice, The Cure and Joy Division are all from the 80s so if that is what you are influenced by then your going to take stuff out of that and make it your own as every band ever does.

We don’t dismiss we sound 80s we acknowledge this and isn’t a think we sat down and consciously planned at all.

LM: What’s it like being in a band so young? And any advise for other young people out there wanting to start a band?

Declan: I think the most important thing is to not quit and keep going and do your own thing.

Will: Stay true to what you want from the beginning.

LM: So what are your plans for 2014?

Declan: Right now, we’re solely focusing on writing and recording an EP, which will be out in 2014.

By Lauren Moore