In Interview: The Growlers


Ahead of their UK tour, I caught up with front man Brooks Nielsen from The Growlers at The Scala in London for a quick chat about their new album “Not Psych!.” With four albums’ already under their belts, I was excited to find out more about what inspires the band.

How’s the new album “Not Psych!” different to your previous album “Hung at the heart”?

BN: Hung at the heart was basically a live album, we just wanted to play, there’s nothing really to it. Not Psych! Matt is mainly just layering and layering, to me it sounds like an old record because of that. And reminds me of the earlier Growlers stuff.

Is there a song on your new album that you’re excited about people hearing?

BN: No really a song in particular, but there are certain styles on the album where I think, I wonder if people are going to take to that. Like Tell them how it is which doesn’t really feel like us, it sounds like something you’d hear at a music festival. But I think we’ve pulled in off.

With four album’s already, what inspired the new album “Not Psych!’ ?

BN: Coming back out here on tour, we wanted something new to bring with us after Hung at the Heart but we could never just make an EP so we decided to create five new songs.

And how is the UK tour going?

BN: Really good! We took so long to come out here initially, by the time we got to the UK, there was already a crowd built. So in that way, it felt really good. We show up and the shows are full, it’s pretty incredible. Compared to back home, when we hit the Midwest there’s only 20 people at a show.

What does the future hold for you guys?

BN: We never really think that far into the future. The whole time we’ve really just been winging it, which is cool because this has stopped us from changing a lot. We’re planning to start writing again when we get home, as we are really keen to make new stuff. I’m going to search for studios; we never did that in the past. I want the new stuff to sound a little more grown up as we’re still growing up as a band.

By Lauren Moore