Live Review: Dark Bells @ The Lexington 31.10.13

Dark Bells @ The Lexington

Dark Bells played at The Lexington on the 31st of October to launch their epic new single “Want.”

The band pleased the crowd with a seven song set, including their new release ‘Want’ which belted out the sound of echoing guitar riffs and howling vocals, the track was absolutely mesmerizing ‘live’. Teneil delivers at the beginning of the track with powerful vocals and deep riffs, complimented half way through by Ash Moss’s epic long bass lines that seamlessly seem to go on forever in such an enchanting way, before being hit with a sudden switch of pace ending on a roaring high.

They captivated the audience of the packed out venue in North London.  It’s hard not to get excited about this band. Time is still on their side, it would be great to see an LP on the horizon in 2014.

Dark Bells Played:

  • Paradise
  • Run For Daze
  • Wildflower
  • Mint Green
  • Want
  • In Head
  • Forever

By Lauren Moore