In Interview: Wolf Alice


2013 has been a quite a year for bright-new things Wolf Alice. The North Londoner’s have just come off tour with Swim Deep and released their well-received debut EP ‘Blush’. We caught up with bassist Theo from the band to discuss all that plus Twitter stalking, fish-bowls and more…

Hey Theo! You have just come off tour with Swim Deep finishing off with a big show at London’s Shepherds Bush how was the whole experience?

The Swim Deep tour was amazing. It was a really good opportunity to cut our teeth on some bigger stages, which was made a whole lot easier thanks to by Swim Deep’s awesome/crazy fans. It was nice to see some of them singing along and throwing themselves around to our songs too!

I experienced first hand those crazy Swim Deep fans/kids at a gig earlier this year… You are about to embark on your own mini tour finishing off with a headline show at Dingwalls here In London. Are you excited about quickly getting out there again? Do you have any surprises up your sleeve?

It’s great to be back playing shows, hopefully they’ll be small and sweaty, or maybe small and empty… both are obviously great. We’ve been putting together our mega set for the big Dingwalls show lately and it’s starting to take shape. As for surprises… Yes. There will be loads. But we can’t say because otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise.

They’re nailed on to be sweaty over empty!! Congratulations on the ‘Blush’ EP it sounds brilliant and I’m sure it’s going to receive a good reception ‘live’. Have you been surprised by how quickly things have happened for the band this year? Your popularity has sky-rocketed. The last-time I checked ‘Blush’ had 110.000 hits on soundcloud in a month! Not bad.

The reaction has been really lovely. I don’t think you ever gauge how well things are going because there’s never really a chance to take it all in, we’re always on the go working towards the next thing. Stalking twitter can be a nice ego boost (or a horrific game changer about your hairstyle and/or taste in clothes). I don’t think we expected to do quite so well when we were recording some of our first tracks like Leaving You, but now I reckon it’s time to aim high (and/or really low).

I’d advise staying away from Twitter stalking (health/ego reasons) I have to ask who are your musical inspirations?

Nick Cave, Patti Smith, The Vines, Willy Mason, Josh Homme, Brian Wilson, David Guetta, Drake, Parlour, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Kurt Vile, Dingus Khan.

A nice mix! Because of the wide-variety of your music from ‘Wednesday’ to ‘She’ you do end up being bracketed in a bunch of genres from folk to grunge are there any you hate been tagged in?

The only time I have really cringed at a genre labeling was when we were described as “funge” – some kind of half folk half grunge mash up that doesn’t sound like it needs to be invented at all. It’s difficult sometimes ’cause our progression was quite public and with that people could hear us finding our feet sonically, which meant exploring a lot of influences. Hopefully the newer stuff will clarify the direction and sound were aiming for. Or not.

Funge?!?!… Looking ahead to 2014, is a debut LP at the top of the agenda? Have you decided on which direction that will go in or started writing for it?

We all really have our hearts set on making a record. I think we have found a bunch of songs that really show where we are now as a band, and hopefully they will come together to make a cool record. 2014 hopefully will be the year everyone hears this. I can’t say where or who this record will be made with but I’m pretty sure it will be made. We’re also going on a group holiday next year. You’re welcome to come as long as your getting the fishbowls in.

Sounds good… I’ll dig out my passport. Thanks for your time! looking forward to catching your show at Dingwalls later this month

By Michael Jamison