Introducing: Killing Fields of Ontario


Killing Fields of Ontario have been around as a band since 2008 but you get the feeling now is their time to put their stamp on the music scene. Originally based in Leeds but now spread far and wide, the five-piece mix folk & rock together with certain aspects of Americana to great affect and sound reminiscent in many ways to early Arcade Fire (one of their influences)

The band are about to release their forthcoming album How The World Ends on October 28 here in the UK and they’ve streamed two tracks from it Our Place to Drown and Cloud. Both of which are incredibly emotive and begin to give you an insight into their music and world.

It’s not hard to feel the Arcade Fire influence on Our Place to Drown which is a track slightly melancholy in nature and beautifully layered together giving off sweet-mellow anthemic tones.

Cloud on the other hand begins with an intro that sounds like you’re listening to an acoustic-led Damien Rice B-side; recorded on cassette before that lo-fi myth gives way to an upbeat folk-rock track with warm acoustics, hooks and melodies that kind of take you by surprise.

Fields of Ontario play The Islington in London on October 19. Go check them out.

Sounds like: We Are Augustines, Arcade Fire, Local Natives