In Interview: The Beaches


Breaking out of Toronto at a rate of knots is an all-girl group with a courteous amount of punk spirit called The Beaches. Since forming earlier in 2013 they’ve already released their impressive self-titled EP (only available in Canada). The young bands age ranges from sixteen to eighteen years old, sisters Kylie Miller (guitar), Jordan Miller (bass guitar and vocals) are the rock (and writing force) behind the band and completing the line-up is Eliza Enman-McDaniel (drums) Leandra Earl (keys). I recently had a quick chat with them about the past, present and the future.

Congratulations on your impressive debut EP…  Who is the creative writing-force in The Beaches?

We write and create on a collaborative basis in our dark funky-smelling studio. Jordan is our primary lyricist.

For such a young band how are you finding it around the fickle world of the music industry?

You have to pick a path or direction and stay with it, something that you believe in…. because fad and fancy change every fifteen minutes in the music business.

I read you take influences from amongst others Patti Smith and The White Stripes… Over the past year there have been a bunch of all female bands progressing into the mainstream; Haim, Deap Valley, Bleached and Savages here in the UK… Do you take heart from their success?

We love that female fronted, or all female bands are making some headway in the music business, btw : a couple of the one’s one your list are on our personal playlists.

Thats good to hear! Are there any bands you really enjoyed playing with, or bands that you would like to?

Mother Mother is a fantastic Canadian alt rock band that we have toured with and they are awesome. They are so polished and precise  and we learned a lot from them. We are opening for the kings of leon tomorrow in Montreal – We hope that this goes well, later this fall we open for Cherie Currie of the runaways, it will be an honor to share the stage with her.

I was lucky enough to see your set at French Connection’s AW launch party here in London… how did that opportunity come about?

The international marketing director for FCUK discovered our music on spotify via the pitchfork app, she reached out on Facebook and the rest is history.

It must have been a great experience? (That night was an experience for myself)

It was, working with Rankin (photographer) and his team was an absolute thrill, so cool and down to earth, we are so grateful for the exposure he and French Connection offered us this summer.

Has there been any thought about coming back to the UK? I’m sure Glasto would love to have ya!

we are hoping for some uk festival play in 2014, can you put in a good word for us?

We’ll call Michael Eavis right away… What does the future hold for The Beaches? Are you all still in High School?

We’re finishing high school and grade 11 (for the baby Kylie), touring like mad, writing more tracks and hopefully sharing our music everywhere we can.

Sounds good… Congratulations and good luck opening for Kings of Leon.