NEW: The Band in Heaven – Fairweather Friends


Florida Psych-rockers The Band in Heaven are back with their new LP ‘Caught in a Summer’ Swell (out now) and I’ve just had a listen to the dreamy first-single ‘Fairweather Friends’ taken from it.

Describing the unique relationship that exists between artist and crowd during a set… The opening lyrical output of “White, bright burning light Crowd tense, still holding tight Chords keep ringing out, Sweat just keeps on pouring down” is set against some almost scary Morrissey esc vocals by Ates Isildak… That shock appreciably subdues somewhat as you begin to appreciate the wall of swirling showgaze melodies that accompanies this track.

Headover to The Band in Heaven’s Bandcamp to get your copy of ‘Caught in a Summer Swell’