Introducing: Still Parade


Attempting to write an introductory piece about a new band with minimal info to hand is a-bit frustrating but refreshing at the same time. Still Parade the band in question have managed to release two near perfect tracks to date, while keeping large parts of their identity under wraps except for one small quote explaining “Still Parade is not about a place or a person. It’s an inner state of mind, it’s about letting go and being alone with your thoughts.” which adds more than a smidgen of mystery to their blissful music.

Back in May, Still Parade released their beautiful debut single Actors which captured the imagination of the blogging community with their the slow unwinding folk which didn’t sit in the traditional mould, with its electro textures and long drawn out vocals that were so dreamy they took the mind on a journey far away. Actors is now over four months old and has amassed an impressive 150,000 + plays on Soundcloud to date with the bloggers on Hype Machine giving it unending praise.

This week we were treated to their second and latest single Health which sees them shift into a new direction away from their Folk centred debut; Health rather explores your mind and soul with emotive synthesizers, dreamy melodies and gently placed guitar notes, which when pulled together and layered over the catchy bass-line, builds the track into a hugely anthemic piece.

Still Parade play Londons, Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on September 10 and will release Actors on a AA-side single on 7 October, digitally and on limited edition vinyl via Akira Records.