Live Review: The Cribs @ Dalston, Birthdays 27-08-13


By Michael Jamison

The Cribs have come along way over the past 10 years but tonight saw them going back to the type of small, intimate setting where they are most at home. Over the years i’ve seen them in various sized establishments from Brudenell Social Club to Brixton Academy so I had a fair idea tonight was going to be a-bit special and there was more than a smidgen of excitement beforehand for the 250 of us who had crammed downstairs into the concrete basement of Birthdays.

Kicking off with MTV the set began with the usual ramshackle chaos we have come to love from The Cribs, as the ecstatic crowd surged forward and without a barrier insight it meant for a a no holds-bard start for those of us at the front (I was clinging onto the sound monitor) while Gary had to wisely move his mic-stand to the rear of the small birthdays stage (about 3 feet) to make it through the opening few mintutes.

Barely a song in and things weren’t going great for the poor security guy who was forced to leap onstage between Ryan and Gary and undertake the un-enviable task of trying to keep people off it. His night wasn’t about to get much easier as thJarman brothers flew through Hey Scenesters and I’m a Realist creating a mass Sing-along, raising the already high temperature in Birthdays to skin melting point.

Mid-set arrives in a all too sudden hurry and while staring at the back of the room Gary declares “I feel like The Beatles at the Cavern,” to the ecstatic crowd before the intro to Cheat on Me has Ryan reminiscing back to his first girlfriend. By this point The Cribs were turning Birthdays into one big party and the biggest cheer was saved for their newest-track, Payola favourite Leather Jacket Love Song which is the blue-print of Cribs’s legacy for any new band.

The newer songs were welcomed but the night was set up for those of us who wanted a-bit old school and thankfully The Cribs obliged bringing out a couple of tracks I hadn’t heard ‘live’ since the Cribsmas shows of 07; Playing the hook-driven The Lights Went Out before ending the as chaotically has it had all began, with Gary diving into the crowd bass first (yes Gary) before a much warranted Stage invasion ensued to the climax of Third Outing.

It was a night that took many of us back to our teenage years and OK it might not be 2005 anymore but The Cribs don’t give a shit and lets face it neither do we.

The Cribs played:

    • Major’s Titling Victory
    • Hey Scenesters!
    • Come On, Be a No-One
    • You’re Gonna Lose Us
    • I’m a Realist
    • Glitters Like Gold
    • (Bastards Of Young intro)
    • Martell
    • Anna
    • Cheat on Me
    • The Watch Trick
    • Direction
    • The Lights Went Out
    • Leather Jacket Love Song
    • Another Number
    • Mirror Kissers
    • Men’s Needs
    • City of Bugs
    • Third Outing