INTRODUCING: Scott & Charlene’s Wedding


Scott & Charlene’s Wedding are a group of Australian ex-pats living in NYC, the band-name stems from frontman Craig Dermody reminiscing back to a well-known soap in their homeland, a wedding that took place in a Neighbours episode I believe (anyone seen a Neighbours since it moved to C5?!?!)

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding music is scuzzy, post-punk but it’s not all fire and brimstone (far from it) they create deep melodies and plenty of hooky riffs (as heard in Fakin’ NYC). New album ‘Any Port In A Storm’ is full of light hearted moments and tongue in-cheek whips and little stabs at modern culture that had me laughing, giggling and listening intently to every word.

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding release ‘Any Port In A Storm’ LP on July 22 through Fire Records. Pre-order a copy here