Live Review – Youngblood Hawke @ Hoxton Bar & Grill 09.07.13


Hoxton Bar & Grill probably hasn’t welcomed too many bands into their backroom, who have a single that’s acquired 2 million + YouTube ‘hits’ and signed a commercial advert deal with a certain ‘drinks’ company, but tonight they did so when LA’s Youngblood Hawke took to the stage for the second of their London showcase dates. Some of you may be familiar with a couple of the bands members Simon Katz and Sam Martin who was formerly in ‘Iglu & Hartly’ remember ‘In This City’?!?!?

Entering the stage shortly after 21.30 they got the set off with a bang (literally) with an intro of crashing drums and percussion which led into the opener ‘Rootless’ that set the tone for the evening as the band and particularly front man Sam Martin showed almost limitless energy and engaged frequently with the audience on a hot-sticky night that lifted the crowd even though a fair few were not familiar with some of their set.

The track every-one was waiting for was their commercially acclaimed single “We Come Running” which had the room dancing and singing along and after Sam thanked the crowd for being “so welcoming” Youngblood Hawke ended their eight-song set with ‘Forever’ & ‘Glacier’ before leaving the stage the way they had arrived, as the six-piece each grabbed a drumstick and engaged in a 3-minute drum-fest smashing anything they could find, that made for a memorable end to the evening.

Youngblood Hawke played:

  • Rootless
  • Danny Boy
  • Stars
  • Dreams
  • Protect Yourseld
  • We Come Running
  • Forever
  • Glacier