If you enjoy listening to music written from the streets, but Plan B isn’t your thing n you think Jake Bugg is a-bit of a dick then it may be worth checking-out LAC aka Mike Davies. From a pretty undesirable part of the South-East, he writes about his frustrations of life, from time spent in a Young offenders institute to the joys of living in our ‘dead generation’

LAC have a three-track EP out now via ITunes, on it is the raw, lo-fi recording of acoustic led Borstal Boy, his honesty and forthright views across the EP make me thing a-lot of Billy Bragg, Mike Davies explains the track below:

 “It came from a bad experience when I was 15. I was put in a young offenders institute. When I realised they weren’t going to just let me out if I kicked up a fuss, I got down and did my time and used music as a saviour.

After Borstal Boy, LAC show the other side to their musical armoury with When I’m Around & Dead Generation which both sound like early Jam esc Punk tracks, filled with crashing riffs and aggressively delivered lyrics.

For more info on LAC, check-out their Facebook page.