While listening to Modern Hut aka Joe Steinhardt’s new track ‘History’ I was left with the same unique excitable feeling, I got when I first came across Jeffrey Lewis’s music back in 05. Jeff is a-bit of a cult-icon to me and I was immediately engaged while listening to Modern Hut, with their DIY punk-tinged ethic, overlaid with an acoustic strummed guitar, beautiful melodies and lyrically brutally honest down to the bone, very much in the same way as Jeff.

On ‘History’ he gives his own forthright and honest opinion on today’s modern music:

“They were writing their own history/ Nothing was left to mystery/ Everything was planned/ And it all felt like a scam,”

While Joe Steinhardt isn’t a frustrated comic book artist, he is an PhD Candidate who also happens to run the New Jersey based Indie-label Don Giovanni Records (Waxahatchee are on his books) n in his spare time he manages to write a-bit of music..

Modern Hut release their debut album Generic Treasure out August 6th via Don Giovanni records.