Introducing: Amber – Noah


Thankfully if you happen to be an indie-folk fan, you don’t have to rely solely on Blandford & Sons for your fix of stadium sized folk-pop. I received a nice email this morning from somebody passing on-to me a new band called Amber. They have just the one original song online in ‘Noah’ at the moment which was uploaded on to Sound Cloud yesterday (well they have two if you include a cover)

Amber came together after meeting at university in Nottingham, and the oldest members of the band are no older than 20. They have spent the last few months evolving their sound and recording demos, resulting in ‘Noah’ which is a very impressive debut from a young band.

It is a neat and polished recording, which is filled with a stadium-size chorus, plenty of melodic touches and a folky edge (without a banjo in sight) for you not to have to worry about coppering up to see Blandford.

Trying to judge a band and gage their sound from one song is pretty difficult , but one they have got in their armoury online is brilliant and I am hoping to catch them live when they are next in the capital.

For more info on Amber, check out their Facebook page.