Introducing: Parade of Lights – We’re the Kids


LA’s alternative music scene is thriving at the moment, there is no shortage of bands to write about n listen too, PAPA, Bleached, Deap Valley, Smallpools etc. (the list could continue) have all blossomed into public consciousness through 2013, adding to them is Parade of Lights.

Parade of Light are a three-piece from LA (obvs after that intro) Comprising of Ryan Daly, Anthony Improgo & Mariana Machain. On balance their sound is a mix of Electro-Pop, Synth, Shoegaze and a-bit of Indie Rock thrown in for good measure.

It is easy to make comparisons when listening to music, but every-time I listen to their latest track ‘We’re the Kids’ the one word that sticks in my mind is MGMT, from the synth-electro intro that builds through the verse before going in-to the colossus sounding chorus, throw in-to the mix lyrics like “we are… yeah, we’re the kids now, we’re the kids now” it all makes the track contagious and without looking out amiss, if it was found on Oracular Spectacular and that is no bad thing, after the direction MGMT have gone in recently… We are in need of something fresh and Parade of Lights provide that.

Parade of Lights – We’re the Kids is available on ITunes. Go grab it now