Introducing – ECSTASY


More chilled out than its chemical counter-part and less likely to give you a massive come-down, ECSTASY are a synth-led indie band from London. Elusive is the word to describe them, as it’s been difficult to find much information on them across the internet, and I can’t see anything to say they’ve played live in public before (though through this research I’ve pretty much learned how to cook-up the pill) apart from that I’m left with a cluster of brilliant songs that have been uploaded onto Soundcloud.

Each track I’ve listened to by them is tweaked and manoeuvred, going in a different direction, from ‘White Limos’ which is a dreamy synth-led pop song, filled with uplifting lyrics and a euphoric melody, to their latest track (uploaded 3-days ago) in ‘Teenage Coma’ which though again synth-led has a harder grungier sound than anything they’ve put out before.

I believe they are still unsigned, but if they haven’t got the record labels and A&R scrimmaging around them already it will only be a matter of time, but If nothing else they are a bloggers dream.