The Scottish trio of CHVRCHES (churches) have gave us something new to digest with the hook-laden track “Gun” which will be their first offering since the popular ‘Recover’ was released back in February.

On record “Gun” sounds like it has everything in it to be a summer festival favourite; multiple hooks make it instantly easy on the ear and its simple form of synth led-pop with ultra-melodic vocals make the track contagious. But I watched their set at Field Day here in London last weekend, which they pulled in a big mid-afternoon crowd to the laneway stage, but myself, apart from pretty much falling in love with vocalist Lauren Mayberry, I found their set to be a-little flat, it was the first time seeing them live and I was expecting it to be a-bit of a synth led dance-along, but apart from when they played fan favourite ‘Recover’ creating an instant reaction in the crowd the rest of the set felt pretty muted.

CHVRCHES release Gun on July 15th via Virgin Records.